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Еще несколько старых партий

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Komi: 0
Result: Left unfinished
Date: c. 280
Info: Yasunaga assumes Wang is White and believes the game was played in the northern capital of Luoyang. Jin Wu Di = Western Jin Emperor Wu Di {Sima Yan}, r. 265-290. The original omits 70 but has another 17 at m3.
Event: Emperor Jin Wu Di summons Wang Wuzi to play go

Komi: 0
Result: Left unfinished
Date: 750 approx.
Info: Ming Huang is a popular name for the Tang Emperor Xuan Zong (Li Longji, r.712-756), who was the emperor infatuated with Yang Guifei. 8, 12, 31, 32 are omitted in the original, there are two 47s (one put at 49, 51 is unmarked, 61 and 63 are transposed from the original. The colours have been assigned speculatively.
Event: Ming Huang summons Zheng Guanyin to play go

Komi: 0
Result: B+1
Date: 800 + (Tang dynasty)?
Info: The text says: Long ago Wang Shi went into Rotten Axe-handle mountain in Qu province to gather firewood. There he met immortals playing go. He recorded it andpassed it down to posterity. White plays first. Black wins by 1 point. {This seems wrong, but Black does win} 145 moves each. Black captures 22 white stones. White captures 9 black stones. Black has 18 points. White has 17 points. The overall totals (territory - captures - group tax) are correct if it is assumed group tax = 2 per group.
Event: The Rotten Axe-handle Game

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Партия 196 года. Китай.

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Кифу одной из самых старых сохранившихся игр.
Место проведения партии - Wu Kingdom, China

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